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Animal Awareness & Assistance 


Fredericksburg, VA


Our address is

P O Box 42212

Fredericksburg, VA 22404


We are in need of volunteers, especially foster homes! Check out our volunteer tab to help animals in need in a variety of ways.


For FREE support, join iGive or GoodShop for on-line shopping, use GoodSearch when finding things on the internet, or count your dog-walking miles with Wooftrax. All of these will give money to us for doing what you already do!

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In Need of Sponsors

These animals will remain with A-cubed for the rest of their lives. Therefore, they need sponsorship to go toward their food, yearly vaccines, preventatives, and any additional care.


Sponsors will receive a photo of the animal of their choice AND an A-cubed T-shirt with their first monthly or annual donation.

Chubbs is a 5 year old female cat that has been with A-cubed since it began. She has searched for a home her whole life, but was not as fortunate as 4 of her siblings and mom to find one. She will now remain as a forever foster. She is extremely friendly and loves to curl up in your lap for attention or be cradled like a baby.


Chubbs originally got her name as the heaviest kitten of the six in her litter, always a few ounces more than any of the others. Although she has slimmed out, she is still one of the first at the food.


Partial sponsorship is $10/month (only 33 cents/day); Full sponsoship is $20/month

Lily, AKA Gray Kitty, is Chubbs' sister, and they enjoy each others company. Lily is slower to warm up to people. Once she trusts you, she will follow you anywhere for attention as she can never get enough. She is 5 years old and has a beautiful striped gray coat. 


Partial sponsorship is $10/month (only 33 cents/day); Full sponsoship is $20/month

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